As active and ambitious entrepreneurs, we like to think of ourselves as idea people.

If you’ve got a million and one ideas, it’s hard to know where to start but also how to begin so can spend your time and energy gaining traction and getting shit done.

Write it out

And that means everything, every idea whether ready to go or just developing, because there’s nothing more distracting than your next idea bouncing around in your head. You’ve got enough to handle in there, why not clear out what you can while also making sure you don’t forget your very best ideas. Writing it out is one of those rules that seems like a no brainer, but our best ideas come to us in the strangest of scenarios. You could be just falling asleep and think to about a killer idea, think to yourself “I’ll remember it in the morning,” hate to break it to you pal but you won’t. So perhaps keep these strange devices called pens and paper around just in case for some reason your phone isn’t being strangled within your little paws. Lastly, don’t deny ideas and don’t be afraid to make yourself vulnerable and at least explore the conversation about what could happen, because you never it know it just might!

Set your goal

Goals can sometime be intimidating, so start small; baby goals if you will and think about what you hope to accomplish. Sure enough, you’ve heard this before. In fact, goals are mentioned so often that goals become another one of the ideas that are a struggle to execute. However, goal setting becomes a process with nearly no follow-up. The question becomes, how can goal setting help and not hinder your ability to fully realize your ideas. Well, if you think about your goal as a highest level of direction. You decide, absolutely, where you’re executing will take you. Goals will help you set the stage, help you decide your route and encourage you to continue to forward think.

Think about it this way, if your goal is to have a healthier lifestyle. The decision of running, walking, working out, or eating healthy is not a decision but rather a step to move towards your goal. There are no decisions after your initial goal is set, only milestones.


Once you’ve chosen your direction, think about what ideas will move you accordingly. Take a look back at your list of ideas and think of what can you start now to get you there. Set these ideas high because they are most important to your goal. Setting up levels of hierarchy also breaks down your list into ideas you can and should tackle right now to those that you can leave for further down the road.

Like we touched on above setting up goals is going to help us continue to be forward looking and thinking about the milestones we need to achieve. Prioritizing steps in order for you to achieve those goals is a process

Gather your resources

You’re almost set to go! All you need to ready is the resources to get you there. Gather all you’ll need, your necessary team of people and supporting materials. After all, you couldn’t start a road trip without packing all the essentials first. Make sure you’re set so you can keep moving straight ahead and not have to make any u­turns.


Here’s where you can get specific, set out every little task so nothing is forgotten or corners cut. Still have that pen and paper from before? Here’s where you can circle back and mark out everything you have to do. Sort out your ideas with colour coordinated organization, numbers, whatever works most for you. Make sure you’ve got it clear. If you’ve got a team, there are so many productivity and team management programs that help you keep track of what everyone is doing. For the really big ideas, try a project management app. We’ve tried plenty of these, like Asana, Da Pulse, Todoist, and Trello. With your team signed up, you can delegate tasks, set priorities, and (even better) communicate your progress.

Areas for Inspiration

Whether this occurs at the start or in the midst of a challenging roadblock, find areas of inspiration that work for you. Look for stories of success that remind you of what your goal means to you or challenge yourself to find a better way if someone

Check yourself

Are you someone who needs to be kept accountable? If so, take a look around at the friends and family who support you, they’ll be the ones who can keep you on track. Because sometimes it’s hard to be tough on yourself, and sometimes it’s all too easy. Your support system, whoever it is, will give you that happy medium to keep you motivated and enthused about your ideas for the long haul.

Take your Time

Nothing will happen overnight, so try not to set those expectations for yourself. Good ideas take to time to fully prepare for and execute efficiently. No business or company was built overnight, and no company ever should. Give your idea the credit it desires by believing that it can be an ongoing project that grows over months and years.

Taking everything in stride also means you can step away from one idea and work on others. Spread you love and inspiration as it comes to different ideas. Focus on the idea of most value or importance of you during that time. Attend to others when you’ve had enough of that one. That brain needs a break too!

Check point to keep your momentum

It’s no secret during any project at any point motivation can wander, where does it go still nobody knows. But we know there are ways to avoid the meandering motivation.


As some projects can be on­going, just remember reflection and conclusion aren’t always the same thing. Checking mid-project can let you know just how you’re doing. Look back on your goals originally. Are you still moving in that direction? If not, think about what has changed. Maybe as you work your goal is shifted for the better and a project becomes something you at first wouldn’t think of. If you’ve got a team, create an evaluation questionnaire to help everyone reflect on your work and overall execution process. There’s always room to grow whether it’s continuing on the same path or gradually moving towards a different one. Utilizing an evaluation tool will help you become more efficient with how you use your time and achieve your milestones and overall, goal of your project.

Are you someone who needs to be kept accountable?