A good startup is only as good as the team behind it, and building that team can be a daunting endeavour.

Imagine for a moment you and 10 of your closest friends, raising beers to cheers your conjoined success in the billion dollar business that you now all own.  Now take that image and lock it up somewhere far far away.  Chances are your dream team is lurking in places you least expect.  The truth of the matter is, in order to put together the best team for your startup, you first must look within. 

Know your vision

In order for you to effectively inspire others about what you are trying to do, you must have a clear vision of what you are trying to create.  Then take it a step further – it is not just enough to know your vision well, you must also know how to clearly communicate it.  Develop your idea concisely, and recognize what different areas need the most attention.  This way you can ask yourself what it is you need a team for instead of just building a team for the sake of it.

Know yourself

Be honest with yourself in terms of where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  While it might seem like a good idea to hire your best buddy who loves your startup to come on board, if he has the same skill set as you then no one benefits.  Understand what it takes to keep yourself motivated but taking a critical look at that tasks and areas that you procrastinate in.  That way you can start to form an idea of the type of people you need to surround yourself with. 

Know your potential

If you know where you are trying to get to, how to communicate your idea and what your personal strengths and weaknesses are, you can begin to fill in the blanks with other people.  This will be your team.  Think of where you are trying to get to and then devise who around you in your current network can help you to get there.  Once you have exhausted that list, then you can start to reach out.  Keep an open mind about your team, and let people bring different qualities to the table.  Be mindful that the team can change over time, so it is ok to have people come and go. 


The truth of the matter is, in order to put together the best team for your startup, you first must look within.