Every month, Talia from AD ARTIS, comes into our space and makes it even brighter by delivering art by upcoming, local artists.

Yes, a pretty sweet deal indeed, this is why you should contact Talia [here] if you want to brighten up your space.

So this month, we are so happy to have Carolyn Jerrard’s abstract works adorning our coworking space. Here’s a little bio on Carolyn and some more of wonderful great art for you to peruse.

I am a Calgary artist who creates abstract paintings using acrylics, structural mediums and various methods to move and manipulate paint. I began painting in my high school years but it was not until I was nearly 30, that I began to put my whole self into my art. I have taken classes from local Calgary artists such as Tia Halliday, Samantha DaSilva and Dr. J. Eiserman, all of whom have helped me hone my skills and find my own style.

My greatest inspiration is colour; I am fascinated by how certain colours and combinations of colours can evoke all different sorts of emotions within people. Often I find my desire to try certain colour s when I am experiencing nature. Hiking, gardening, running outdoors, skiing and biking are all part of my life and when I am doing these activities I cannot help but be amazed by the nature around us and feel inspired to embrace the colours I see and put them on canvas. Painting is my way of connecting with creation and expressing my love and passion for it.

To say that art is personal is an understatement; I find myself expressing my emotions through the colours, textures and movements within my pieces. I then am completely satisfied when viewers of my art find themselves experiencing their own set of emotions in my pieces. As such, I relish the fact that everyone sees art in their own way and that is why I strive to create custom pieces for individuals using colors from nature that move them.

I believe that to become a great artist one must not remain static; I never want my style to be defined by one palette or artistic feature. Therefore I am constantly trying new techniques, colours and materials as I explore and grow in my creative process.

If you love her work as much as we do, here’s her social:

Instagram | Facebook | Website | [email protected]