When you are evolving a startup, you aren’t just growing a business idea.

Whether you like it or not, as your ecosystem grows so does the culture that comes along with it. You may be asking why is it even important to consider culture during a startup phase.  It might seem a little like putting the cart before the horse. But the answer is simple – growth.
If the goal for your startup is growth – and obviously it is – then you are dependent on the people you surround yourself with  to help.  If these people are unhappy or your values don’t align, you can’t expect them to help your startup grow. Let’s get on with it.  How do you develop a startup corporate culture that really rocks?

Be clear in your values and transparent with everything

If you have an established tone for your startup, that is transparent on the bigger picture, you create an environment from the get go.  People with similar ideals, passions, and motivations will gravitate towards the project and align with what your startup is trying to accomplish.  More so, if values are clear, then those around you feel a part of this big picture. They are going to be more willing to work a long side you in an engaged fashion, rather than as a drone employee.

Hire well

This is an organic progression from the first point.  But just as you want to put out the good vibes that will reel in like-minded people, you need to be able to appropriately select those individuals once they are at your door step as well.  Take the time to get to know those you plan on employing and make sure that they truly are on board with the startup’s focus.  Furthermore, make sure that those you are hiring bring something unique to the table.  In other words, they don’t need to be entirely on point with how the startup operates.
Just as you want people willing to work toward the startup vision, you also need people that not only contribute to a diverse skill set but also to a different perspective. With like-minded individuals all working together to realize a common goal, you have the perfect foundations of a good company culture.

Evolve with growth

This is probably one of the most important points. If you want to maintain a positive culture, it must be willing to change.  Business growth and cultural evolution are synonymous. Needs change, demands change, but the core set of values typically remains consistent. Consistent values are good, but must always remain in view.  By checking in often, the business has an opportunity to evolve with its growth.  Loyalty does not serve in this regard here, at least not as much as one might think.  A willingness for new ideas and change promotes growth, loyalty to old ideas does not.

Be clear in your values and transparent with everything