If you are embarking upon the startup world, you are probably overwhelmed with the different angles that your business needs to contemplate. 

A comfy old couch with a discarded table in your garage may seem like a whimsical way to start a business, but as fall approaches and temperatures threaten to drop, alternatives must be considered.  Co-work spaces are literally built on the backbone of startups, and the list of reasons to join a co-work space is pretty close to infinite.  We are not writing this in an attempt to hard sell, we are writing this from a place of genuine experience.  Why does your startup need a co-work space? Let’s break the answer down into 3 ‘C’s.


First and foremost, when you choose to work in a co-work space, you are actively expanding your options. No one forces you to work well with others, however, your network is automatically expanded just by coming to work.  Everyone in a co work space is working towards independent goals that are suited to their own expertise.  This means that inevitably gaps need to be filled in terms of needs and skills.  With a network surrounding you, it becomes very easy to find the resources required to complete your projects.  It feels easier.


Working from home can be isolating.  Let’s face it, you could spend the day in your underwear only interacting with your cat and no one would really know.  Coming to a co-work space offers a healthy balance between working for yourself and being accountable for your time.  Furthermore, you are surrounded by people who are in a similar situation to you – self-employed, startup type people who have similar problems and challenges.  These people become the community that you learn to bounce ideas off of, and gain empathy from time to time.  It feels good. 


Having community and collaboration at your fingertips is pretty priceless.  But when you consider the cost of working from home (free), a co-work space does cost you something.  If you compare this cost to actually having your own office space somewhere, this is where co-work space offers maximum value.  It is less expensive than an actual office, it is flexible in the amount of time you would like to spend at work and it provides you a network of people that will likely better your business.  It is also important to recognize the motivation that paying for something gives to you.  There is a greater sense of accountability and motivation associated with self-discipline when a financial investment is involved.  It is a win-win. 

When you choose to work in a co-work space, you are actively expanding your options